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Events and Entertainment in Thessaloniki

Events and Entertainment in Thessaloniki


Apart from the historical and Folkloric background, Thessaloniki is a city with a rich, cosmopolitan character. Numerous events and spectacles, public or private, take place various times around the year,  attracting hundreds of visitors from all around the Globe.

Select the dates for your stay, combining them with one or various events of the city. In the following list, you will see various activities and spectacles of Thessaloniki.



The “Alexander The Great” International Marathon run covers the route from the city of PELLA up until the city of Thessaloniki.


The international marathon run is a part of the Association of International marathons and distance races (AIMS), is officially included in the international annual calendar, legally owing the exclusive rights to use the name of Alexander the Great. Parallel races of 5 and 10 kilometres take place to the streets of Thessaloniki, with the 10.000 metre route, along the seaside of the city, being the most popular.


The main objective of the event is the promotion of movement and participation to sports activities and the projection of a healthy and athletic way of living for old and young individuals.

«Caravan Project»

April – Monday-Friday 10:30 to 14:30 and 17:30 to 20:30.

“The Caravan” is a group of researchers, artists and filmmakers, who travel all around Greece, with the aim to discover andf project special stories of ordinary people that can inspire, excite and promote the humanitarian side of Greece. The “Caravan Project” team is active since 2011.


In April, they will be in our city and in disposal of the Greek public in the port of Thessaloniki, projecting documentaries, calendars, photos andf experiences of Greek people. Oparating Monday to Sunday, 10:30 to 14:30 and 17:30 to 20:30.

The first


The first “Gourmet Olive Exhibition” is a fact and it will take place in Thessaloniki.


Greek producers of olive products and derivatives will welcome professionals and consumers, from Greece and abroad. Olive oil, olives, personal care products and delicatessen will be among the excibits. The visitors will have the opportunity to know the products of the Greek earth and be initiated to the arts of tasting them, through various events and activities.


The excibition will be hosted by the “Lab’Attoir” culture space, under the auspices of the municipality of Thessaloniki.


5th Night Half Marathon – Thessaloniki


It is a common sense that this Marathon has not only athletic and social significance, but also boasts Thessaloniki as a very important tourist attraction. Lovers of the sport from abroad and also from every corner of the country choose to visit Thessaloniki and take part in this Marathon.

The Night Half Marathon is starting at sunset (18.45). The start line is located on the street Navarchou Kountouriotou. The runners will take the same route twice and the finish line will be waiting for them at the imposing White Tower of Thesaloniki.

As for the 5000 Street Race the launch will happen at 21.15 at the City Hall (Vasileos Georgiou and Tritis Septemvriou ). The 5.000m route follows the streets: Vasileos Georgiou Avenue, Andronikou Tsimiski, Politechniou, Karatasou, Kountouriotou Avenue and Nikis Avenue, where the participants finish in front of the White Tower (the whole route runs in parallel with the Halfmarathon route, having the same finish, the White Tower).