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Welcome to Historical Thessaloniki.

Welcome to Historical Thessaloniki.


Tens of astounding destinations, hundreds of subjects. Every subject an unforgettable experience, every experience a sweet memory. Check out a few of the activities you can have in our city.


The White Tower

Τhe City’s Emblem

The, one and only, White Tower has been, for centuries now, the trademark of Thessaloniki. Apart from being a remarkable monument of historical value, it has been transformed into a impressive museum that takes you on a journey into the centuries, mixing the past with the present and the future in a harmonic way. The tour into history, through its thematic floors and its interactive exhibits, transforms the visit into a unique life experience. Do not miss it!


Τhe astounding castles of the old city

Τhe castles of Eptapyrgio, are also known with the Ottoman name, Yenti Koule. The structures have been used as a fort, prison and now host a Folklore museum with traditional exibits. It is an integral part of the history of Thessasloniki and offers a panoramic view of the city. Do not miss a visit during day time.

Archeological museum

A journey to the history of Macedonia.

The epitome of the Greek civilization, the magic of the Macedonian Dynasty, the glory of Greek art concentrated in a beautiful building of high architectural value. In a frugal, clean and bright environment the visitor will see, among others, special exhibits from the ancient city of Vergina and the tomb of Filippos the Second . With fixed and contemporaneous exhibitions, it is considered an important sightseeing location for all visitors.

Museum of Byzantine History

Τhe past of the city’s Byzantine history and its people

it is, indeed, a jewel of the city! It exposes the Byzantine history of the city and the people that lived in it., hosting objects of everyday use and other historical exhibits. It has been considered as on of the the greatest public structures of Greece, as a architectural art project. Through the combination of Byzantine and modern architecture, it reaches the point of perfection. Do not neglect to pay a visit to its beautiful cafe.

Aristotelous Square

A beautiful, historical square, in the center of the city.

As part of an urban axis that extends until the statue of. El. Venizelos, the square is an independent sightseeing location of Thessaloniki, gathering a lot of people during all hours of the day. It is worth walking down the square, starting from the ancient commercial market, just or enjoy the astonishing view. In the numerous shops, you can discover marvelous shopping points, lunch and dinner options and various recreation alternatives. Do not forget to try the traditional koulouri and salepi from the hawkers.

NOESIS Science Center

The most important technological park in Greece.

Being, probably, the most important technological museum in Greece, the science center & technology museum, offers the public a permanent exhibition with historical exhibits for the comprehension of science and technology issues. Among the spectacles provided, you can enjoy movies of educational content and documentaries in the cosmotheatre’s projection room, movies that are related to space, in the planetarium or live an unforgettable 3 dimensional experience in the simulator.

Church of Agios Dimitrios

A little more than a simple Orthodox church.

The Church of Agios Dimitrios is dedicated to Saint Dimitrios, the protector of the city. It is, beyond doubt, one of the ornaments of Thessaloniki. Imposing and vast, radiates Thessaloniki’s history, in a depth of hundreds of years. In the church’s basement, there is the torture area of Saint Dimitrios. Combine it with a visit to the ancient commercial market, located in the next block, heading towards Aristotelous square.  

Agia Sofia

The entire byzantine history in one religious structure.

One of the oldest and greatest temples of Thessaloniki, which has remained intact through the ages and operates until today. IT is located in the center of the city and is considered to be one of its most important monuments. A byzantine Temple with a cylindrical dome, based on the standards of the Church of Agia Sofia, in Constantinopole (Istanbul), with extraordinary painting and an evocative atmosphere.